How To Tell The Difference Between Fake and Authentic Gucci Bags

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Gucci has always been one of the most favorite brands of fashion connoisseurs because of its brand image, history, and the level of craftsmanship that goes with every Gucci piece. The brand remains hugely popular despite also being one of the most expensive luxury brands out there. Knowing this, Gucci has also been one of the most counterfeited luxury goods in the market.

So what are the differences between fake and authentic Gucci bags? Despite the similarities in appearance, there are still subtle differences between a fake and an authentic Gucci bag that a keen eye can detect. Authentic Gucci bags have sturdy hardware, are made of high-quality materials, and are made with top-of-the-line craftsmanship. They’re also sold only by the official outlets and website, as well as some authorized resellers, but are typically not found or sold on kiosks and street stores.  

What Makes An Authentic Gucci Bag?

Familiarizing oneself with the intricacies of a genuine Gucci bag is a key step in verifying its authenticity. It may be done by frequenting boutiques that are authorized resellers of the brand or by acquainting yourself with the appearance of authentic Gucci bags on their official site.

All authentic Gucci bags come with white cards printed with the Gucci logo, followed by the words “controllato” (an Italian word meaning “checked”), and “1234567890” below them. This is a controllato card, and it signifies that the bags have undergone quality control during their manufacture. These may also be present in fake Gucci bags but the quality of papers used and the spellings are different.

How Do You Check If Your Gucci Bag Is Authentic?

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Some ways to tell if you have an authentic Gucci piece with you are by checking its hardware and zippers, screws and stitching, assessing its materials and patterns, tags and designer labels, and the quality of the packaging as well. These seemingly small details can actually help you tell apart the real Gucci products from the fake ones.

1) Check The Hardware and Zippers

The metal hardware, zippers, and screws of Gucci bags may be a small detail in these bags, but they bring out a huge difference between authentic Gucci bags and fake ones. 

Gucci bags have hundreds of styles for their high-quality hardware, but all of these are surely made of sturdy materials. This is in contrast to the cheap, easily scratchable materials of counterfeits. Should the hardware also have engravings, the Gucci mark is clearly readable and in consistent font in authentic Gucci bags.  

The zippers of Gucci bags are another feature that counterfeits find hard to replicate. All of the zippers are made by YKK and thus are high quality and easily glide. However, like the hardware, the zipper pull also comes in a wide variety of forms, such as a metal marked with Gucci, plain but made of the finest quality leather with neat stitches, and a Lucite marked with Gucci (this was in a vintage Gucci bag).

2) Check The Screws and Stitching

The screws of authentic Gucci bags are made of sturdy metal. They have flat heads with negative signs, in contrast to positive sign heads present in fake ones. Genuine Gucci bag screws are also not easily loosened up, in contrast to fake ones.

Similarly, the stitching of Gucci bags should also be inspected to verify their authenticity. Genuine Gucci bags have impeccable stitching patterns -- they will never have loose threads or extra threads and will never have uneven stitching. Moreover, the color thread used is often different from the color of the bag itself.

3) Assess The Materials And Patterns

Gucci may be made from high-quality materials that may either be canvas, nylon, or leather. Many patterns have been released by Gucci and the most commonly replicated include the following:

  • The Gucci GG Canvas is present in different colors including cream, gray, pink and green. It features the iconic Gucci monogram print in which many pairs of Gs are inverted and mirror-image versions of one another, placed in a pattern that can make many diamonds. Inside these two Gs, the canvas is of a different texture from the rest of the canvas outside of it.
  • The Gucci Vintage Web features the same patterns (pairs of Gs creating a diamond shape) as that of the Gucci GG Canvas but it is accentuated with dark shaded green and red fabric in the middle, appearing in an alternating pattern (green-red-green). Different colors and shades for this accent is an obvious sign of counterfeiting.
  • The Gucci GG Supreme also features the same motif of the pairs of Gs that create a diamond shape similar to the designs above, but on pieces of leather. Note that this is made of original leather and feels buttery and has the distinctive smell of leather, in contrast to the rough, chemical-scented fake leather of fake Gucci bags of the same style.
  • The Gucci GG Nylon, as the name suggests, is made of nylon and may be found in different colors. It also features the iconic pattern of Gucci bags which are the pairs of Gs that create a diamond shape.
  • The Gucci Guccissima, roughly translated from Italian as “the most Gucci”, also features the Gucci pattern mentioned previously. These patterns, however, have leather debossing on premium quality and patent leather instead of printed, as designed by Frida Giannini, the creative director of Gucci in 2006. The same can be said in the Gucci Microguccissima albeit being a smaller version of this bag style.
  • The Gucci Diamante is a diamond pattern on canvas or textured leather without a pair of Gs. It is said to be the precursor to the now-iconic Gucci logo and a solution to the shortage of genuine leather in the 1930s. 

4) Check Tags and Designer Labels

All authentic Gucci bags have a thick patch which may be square or rectangular leather. On the front side, they bear the words “GUCCI” in capital/upper-case letters and “made in italy” in lower-case letters, embossed neatly on its center. They are present in sans serif font and the ® trademark symbol is also embossed above the all-capitalized signature GUCCI font.

The leather patch is stitched neatly inside the bag although they’re not stitched all the way so you may be able to see its backside so you may see the serial number of authentic Gucci bags is located on the opposite side. The length of the production code of authentic Gucci bags range from 10 to 13 characters, and they’re typically seen on two rows (note that some vintage bags only have one row). The first row of the 10-digit code indicates the style code and the second row indicates the supplier code. Additional characters may be seen as obvious signs of counterfeiting.

If you find it difficult to judge if the serial number is the real deal since fake bags may put random numbers to substitute for the serial number, there are sites such as Bagaholic and LegitGrails that offer authentication services (note that Gucci will never offer such services).

5) Check For The Quality Of The Packaging

The packaging of Gucci is a mix of luxury and sustainability, a new twist in Gucci’s iconic packaging. Starting November 2021, Gucci has incorporated environmentally friendly ideas in the production and designing of the packaging, such as using uncoated paper to ensure the recyclability of the packaging and using 100% organic cotton for the ribbon. 

Reflective also of their quest on being more environmentally friendly is the color of the packaging, which, from the classic black and white packaging became green. 

Similarly, the iconic dust bags of the authentic Gucci bag also met a redesign, in which the now natural colored dust bags (from the dark brown dust bags which are designed as drawstrings) are made of recycled cotton and polyester.

How To Find An Authentic Gucci Bag

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The Gucci Outlet sells different types of bags, from authentic Gucci handbags, to Gucci crossbody bags, and Gucci waist bags. These are authentic designer bags reflective of luxury and thus are typically priced at thousands of dollars each. 

For perspective, the cheapest Gucci bags such as the Gucci Blooms Print Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag and the Gucci Suede Small Dionysus Shoulder Bag are priced at only a little over $2000 each. You can find these only at certain places, so watch out for stores who sell them suspiciously cheaper.

1) Avoid Buying From Flea Markets or Street Stores

In this regard, a significant mark down on the prices of Gucci bags is a red flag of being a fake bag. This is a common scenario in flea markets and street stores that sell Gucci bags at the lowest price imaginable. These prices aren’t a good deal as they’re trying to get you to buy pieces of much cheaper quality for a considerably high price, so you should avoid these shops as much as possible.

2) Shop Only At Trusted Sellers

Similarly, caution must also be taken when shopping at online stores. While there are many dealers who sell authentic products, there are also many who sell fakes, especially Gucci products but are marketed as the real deal. It’s best to only shop from trustworthy sellers if you don’t want to fall victim to Gucci counterfeits. A good way to assess the trustworthiness of these shops is to check for customer feedback; after all, these people are the ones who have experienced firsthand the quality of the products that the shop is selling.

Verified Authentic Gucci Bags At HG Bags

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Indeed, fake and authentic Gucci bags may be differentiated based on the quality of materials used, the design, and the trustworthiness of the dealer that sold them. Wise consumers then must have an eye for detail and have the good judgment to verify the authenticity of these bags.

At HG Bags, we value your trust and feedback and make sure to live up to your expectations. We only sell authentic Gucci bags at discounted prices. Get the most out of your purchase and the quality that you really paid for. Browse through our shop to find the perfect bag for you.

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