HGBags is now accepting consignments!  Tired of sites like Ebay and dealing with the stress and headache of online buyers?  Let us do all the work for you so you can get CASH for your high end designer bags that you are no longer using and QUICKLY - we have an e-mail list of over 38,000 loyal clients, 32,000 Facebook Fans and 22,000 Instagram Followers to market your bags to.  We are also a well regarded powerseller on ebay with 100% positive feedback rating over 4000.  We will command TOP DOLLAR for your items.  

Acceptance Terms

Acceptance Terms:

- Brands: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Chloe, Celine, Hermes, YSL, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, and Givenchy.  Handbags ONLY please - shoes and small accessories may be considered if sending with other items.

- Authenticity: All items must be 100% AUTHENTIC.  If your item does not meet authenticity requirements at incoming inspection, it will be returned to you at your cost.  We reserve the right to reject any item that we are unsure of with no questions asked.  If you have your original receipt of your item, please send it. It will increase the selling price of your bag.

- Item condition: We rate as follows - Mint, Excellent, Very Good, and Fair.  If your item does not fall into one of these categories, we reserve the right to refuse the item and it will be retuned to you at your expense.  If you are unsure if your bag is at least fair, definitely send pictures prior to submission and we'd be happy to assist you.  Anything that is extremely stained/soiled will not be considered.

Submission Process

Please e-mail us prior to sending any items to be sure your items are eligible for consignment and you are willing to sell your items at the prices we believe they will command. Sending photos is highly recommended.  At this time, we can give a general starting price for the item but it will be confirmed upon receipt of the item.  When e-mailing us, please describe the following about your bag:

- Overall wear: a few times, very light, every day, etc.  any fading on the bag

- Corners/handles: mention any fading, darkening, rubbing, etc

- Spots/Stains/Scents/Odors: all should be disclosed

- Conditioner Use: Any leather conditioner used on bags or any repairs: all should be disclosed

- What's included: dustbag, cards, box, receipt, etc.

Sending Your Items

Items should be sent to HGBags at your expense via insured mail.  UPS is preferred for fastest turnaround of your item - they have our garage code and will insure your item is safely delivered.  USPS will not come onto our private road - we have to pick up any USPS items at the post office, so please keep in mind that may delay the listing of your items.  If you are sending items from outside the US, please contact us for guidance.  We will not be responsible for any incoming duties/taxes charged. Please include in your package, a copy of our e-mail correspondence. Please do NOT send any items without going through the submission process above. Our address is:

179 Deer Hollow Road
Poughquag, NY 12570

Pricing of Your Items

Once we receive your bag, HGBags will determine the starting price with you.  All items will initially be placed on our website and then onto ebay in 2 wks at no additional charge.  If you'd like them to also be on ebay immediately, a $25 fee will apply per item.  After 4 wks, if your item does not sell, it may be reduced further and we will contact you to confirm any mark downs.  If after 8 wks, it does not sell, you have the option to have it retuned to you at our cost or we will auction it on ebay starting at a low starting bid.  PLEASE NOTE: any item posted on our website may be subject to any current coupon promos that we are running.  We will make the determination to exclude coupons or not from pre-owned items on an individual basis.

Payouts and Fees

Once your item sells, we can pay you with business check via mail with no fees or with paypal e-check.  Please realize paypal fees may apply on your end to receive the payment.  HGBags takes 28% of the selling price - this will include paypal or credit card fees. If your item is sold in our ebay store, an additional 5% fee will be charged - ebay charges 10% final value fees, so we are splitting the ebay fee with you.

Payouts will take place approximately 7-14 days after the sale, once we know the buyer will not be returning the item.  

We Look forward to Working with You!

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