How Much Does It Cost To Dye A Luxury Handbag

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Leather dyeing an expensive handbag - is it a creative or an extremely absurd idea? These luxury items carry a hefty price tag because of the premium material used, along with the intricacy of its creation. That's why most of their consumers would try their best to preserve their condition. For some, dyeing is the most viable option to do just this, or better yet restore their pristine quality. It's also some owners' way of personalizing their luxury handbags.

So how much does it cost to dye your luxury handbag? A complete recoloring on your leather bag costs around $500 and may even go higher depending on the size of the bag, the type of leather it has, and the color you choose to dye it with. Even if you only need to dye the lining strip, luxury handbag restoration services include dyeing with repair and may cost around $150 and above. However, these rates will also depend from shop to shop, as well as on the type of dye you want on your bag.

Cost of Dyeing Your Luxury Handbag

Dyeing your leather handbag can be pretty expensive, especially if you want the best results for a complete recoloring on a designer handbag. Some bag owners seek a dyeing service for their bag to personalize it, while some have it as part of their restoration services. Before recoloring your luxury handbag due to repair, be sure to review your bag warranty because some brands now offer one for as long as 5 years.

1) Color Change

You can change the color of your leather handbag completely for around $500 and above, sometimes including stain protection. Some owners opt to have this service for their luxury bags to make them more personalized or trendy like what their style icons have. While this sounds like you can make an entire do-over for your luxury handbag, there are still limitations to leather bag dyeing - it's much more difficult to apply a lighter shade on a bag with a darker original color.

2) Color Restoration

Some bag owners dye their luxury handbags and change their original color completely for $500 above, while some only do a few touch-ups in some areas for about $150. Its price can still go higher or lower depending on the gravity of the wear - normal wear might require a lesser price. 

Restoration services dye your leather purses to restore their pristine condition and bump their resale prices. They remove ink marks and dye parts of your bag that have already worn out with age.

Leather bag dyeing is done by using an airbrush for recoloring the item. If your bag has patent leather, metallic, or custom dye color, experts might find it difficult and even impossible to recolor it. Consider this carefully when buying a bag of the same model.

How Experts Dye Your Luxury Handbag

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Dyeing your luxury handbag costs the said amount because it requires an intricate process only to flawlessly top the original color of your bag with another one. The experts start by preparing their materials and the leather they need to work on. 

Choosing the right dye is key to a good-as-new luxury handbag. They then apply the dye to the leather after diluting it. The process ends with conditioning and finishing the leather.

1) Preparing Materials and the Leather

Leather restoration and dyeing must be done in well-ventilated areas because the chemicals might be highly toxic when inhaled for longer periods. Experts usually do this process either outdoors or in a well-ventilated place.

Putting on rubber gloves and covering the working table is a must to protect them and their workspace from the dye--they usually use plastic trash bags.

Gathering the Materials

They gather the conditioner, finish, and dye suitable for the type of leather your bag has. Experts ensure that these solutions are kept in a cool dry place because placing them where it's too hot or cold will affect its action. They also gather the right applicators to ensure perfect coloring.

Preparing the Leather

Leather cleaning is the first step to preparing the leather. Wipe the surface up and down gently to remove dust and grease. Restorationists will then tape the hardware or the parts that shouldn't have color on. They then hydrate the material to absorb the dye better by wiping a light coat of jojoba oil or olive oil.

2) Dye Dilution

Diluting the dye using its type of base will make the color easier to even out upon application. If the paint used is water-based, use water to dilute it; likewise, use oil if it's oil-based. The darkness of the color depends on the shade needed for recoloring the leather. 

3) Dye Application

The experts coloring the leather either airbrush the paint or use a soft applicator for coloring the leather. They gently apply a thin layer of dye in a circular motion for its first coat for a more even finish. They then let it dry first before repeating the same process for its second coat. Once they have received the ideal color, they just let the leather dry for a day and touch it up if the drying process ruins the finish.

4) Leather Conditioning and Finishing

Applying conditioner and finish on the leather is necessary to ensure proper maintenance and rehydrate natural fibers as the solutions from the paint can dry out leather's natural fibers. Experts usually apply a wax-based conditioner to bring back moisture, lock in the color and prevent cracks.

They condition the leather by applying the product in a circular motion. After that, they proceed with buffing its surface to remove the excess dye that's left on the surface. It's necessary to seal the color on the leather to avoid the dye from staining on the wearer's clothes or skin.

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