How To Know That Your Designer Bag Is Authentic

Designer bags are a multimillion-dollar enterprise that caters mostly to women of all ages so it is not surprising that many attempts to dupe the products exist. Say you have saved up enough money to buy the designer bag you are eyeing, you certainly do not want to fall prey to fake versions and waste your hard-earned money. 

So how do you know if your designer bag is authentic? You can start by checking the clasps, buttons, and zippers, the color of the piece, the materials used, the tags and authenticity labels, the serial number, and the quality of the packaging. The differences between authentic designer bags and counterfeit designer bags can be so subtle that the latter may easily fool an untrained eye, but it’s still a worthy skill to have to be able to spot a fake designer bag by paying close attention to detail.

How Do You Check If Your Designer Bag Is Authentic?

Before, familiarizing yourself with authentic designer bags entails going through their physical stores and having a feel of their products. While there’s no stopping you from still doing these, there is an easier method to make yourself better acquainted with authentic designer bags nowadays – by looking them up on the internet.

Designer bags have their own official websites where you can see the photos of the handbags that they have available. You can use these as references so you get to know what the real deal looks like, and compare it to the bag you are considering buying.

1) Check The Clasps, Buttons, and Zippers

Not only are the clasps, buttons, and zippers of authentic designer bags undoubtedly high quality, they also each have distinct characteristics that ensure that they will be hard to copy. 

For example, the zippers of Hermes bags are easy to glide and have a soft matte finish instead of the usual cheap shiny metal that a counterfeit designer handbag uses. It also features a distinctive “H” at the zipper base. Another example is for Chanel bags which often have different styles of zippers per year of manufacture. If the handbag has a zipper that does not match the zipper of other authentic Chanel bags you may see, chances are that that bag is fake.

2) Check The Color

Fake designer bags often come in colors that are nonexistent in genuine designer bags, despite the similarity in design. You may look up the same design on the internet and if the colors don’t match, chances are that the bag is fake.

3) Assess The Materials Used

Genuine designer bags are made of a wide variety of high-quality materials, which are usually coated canvas, genuine leather (usually lambskin leather), and exotic skins. These materials are soft and flexible and don't feel sticky to touch. In contrast to this, fake leather is grainy and has a chemical smell.

The prints of genuine designer bags also do not distort despite their softness and flexibility. The bags are also very sturdy, with their hardware often made up of brass or gold. Their linings are often made of lightly stained leather that is also soft to touch.

Moreover, if the bag has a loose thread and the salesperson excuses it as a factory defect, do not believe them. Stitches used in authentic designer bags are also high quality and handmade, that’s why you won’t find excess threads dangling from these bags. 

4) Check Tags and Authenticity Labels

Authentic designer bags are designed to perfection. Even the tags and authenticity labels are created with care and attention and are expected to have a high degree of consistency to them. Inspect carefully the tags (which are usually hand-stitched or stamped and not just a sticker) and authenticity labels and check for the font – if there is a hint of uneven stitching and the size and style are inconsistent, there’s no doubt that the handbag in question is a counterfeit. Even the spelling matters – a slight typographical error to the brand name or descriptions are a dead giveaway that it’s indeed a fake designer bag. 

5) Look Up The Serial Number

Serial numbers are a great way to verify the identity and authenticity of a designer bag. While there is no way you can automatically verify a digit serial online since this is another security measure by luxury items, handbag connoisseurs can still verify the digit serial on their own by learning about how the brands do it. 

Serial numbers can give out the year that the bag is made and if they match the record that the luxury brand has regarding the product. For example, for Chanel bags, the digit serial has six digits when they are manufactured from 1984 and 1986, while more recent ones have serial numbers that have eight digits. With that, anything above 8 digits for the serial number is a fake handbag.

6) Check For The Quality Of The Packaging

The packaging is a reflection of the item it carries within it. For luxury brands, even the packaging is as special as the authentic designer bag it contains because it is also a part of the reputation that the brand builds. The packaging is often unique to the brand and makes the brand more recognizable and adds to the luxurious experience provided by the brand. 

For example, the packaging of Louis Vuitton bags is noticeably distinct and on its own in that the boxes are made of high-quality paper colored “Safran Impérial”, blue ribbon, and the Louis Vuitton logo etched on it. A protective cloth bag also encases the product upon opening the package. 

Another example is Hermes bags with their distinctive orange packaging with ribbon and the etched brand logo. They also come in accessories such as a protective cloth bag and raincoat.

Where Do You Find Authentic Designer Bags?

Chanel Bags

An authentic designer bag possesses distinct characteristics that make them stand out from other bags of the same kind. Every authentic designer bag is carefully handmade, which makes it special and sturdy that it can withstand the test of time. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that authentic designer bags are relatively pricey compared to other brands. While there are pre-loved items that make these bags more affordable, authentic designer bags usually cost thousands of dollars so if you find bags that claim that they’re designer bags but cost cheap, chances are that you are not getting a deal, instead, you’re getting a dupe.

1) Avoid Buying From Flea Markets or Street Stores

Flea markets or street stores are outside markets that usually sell second-hand goods for less. While there is still a possibility that you can really find an old authentic designer bag from these stores, it’s more likely that they sell fakes because the luxury brands don’t authorize stores like these to sell their products.

2) Shop Only At Trusted Sellers

Luxury department stores obviously will not sell fake designer handbags because they don’t want customers to be dissatisfied with their services. You will also find salespeople in these stores to be knowledgeable about these luxury brands, which adds more evidence to the legitimacy of what they are selling. What’s more, they are also authorized by the luxury brands to resell their products at a fixed price.

As for online stores that sell preloved items, it is important to look for customer feedback. Trusted online retailers build their reputation through this feedback and satisfied customers are reflective of the quality of what these stores are selling. You also should opt for stores that offer to have your money back in case the products weren’t able to live up to your expectations.

Authentic Designer Bags Only At HG Bags

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It takes a keen sense to differentiate between an authentic and a fake designer bag because the differences are very subtle. One of the most important aspects of getting authentic designer bags is buying from trusted sellers and HG Bags are one of these trusted sellers. HG Bags offer high-quality, authentic brand new and preloved designer bags. 

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