How To Spot Fake Luxury Handbags Like An Authenticator

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You may have found a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag at quite an affordable price. It looks the same as the ones you see in their stores, and it even comes with an authenticity card. Is this a good steal or a rip-off? That's what you need to know when you're planning to purchase luxury handbags. Along with their exclusivity comes the influx of counterfeits, which mostly don’t copy the authentic pieces down to the smallest detail.

So how can you spot fake luxury handbags like an authenticator? They mention that you can usually spot them by inspecting the font, material, and stitching. Faux luxury handbags usually have a cheap lining, hollow hardware, and poor logo appearance. The key to avoiding counterfeit bags is to buy from reputable resellers.

Signs of A Counterfeit Luxury Handbag

Counterfeits that look the same as their original item flood the secondary market, just as their luxury handbag counterparts get more expensive and exclusive. A luxury authenticator can spot counterfeit handbags in just seconds. How do they do it?

1) Different Font

We've received luxury bag authentication tips from experts. They often mention that one of the biggest signs of a counterfeit handbag is its questionable font. It's probably the first thing you need to check to inspect the authenticity of your designer item. Manufacturers of counterfeit items barely replicate the font styles and embossing of the text in a single item flawlessly. 


Inspect the text present in your luxury brand handbag. Check the serial number, which is an important part of any luxury item. Designer brands make sure to stitch this mark differently, so it wouldn't come off easily without causing damage to the product. Notice how the serial number on the right (fake) was just attached as a sticker, compared to the one on the left (authentic).

2) Poor Material

Another process for checking handbag authentication is inspecting the quality of materials. If a bag has poor, rough, and hard material, that bag is most likely fake because authentic bags should feel softer and, as they say, heavenly. 


Fake leather tends to have perfect patterns, while genuine leather appears to be more imperfect. Handbags from eligible brands come at a hefty price because they use genuine leather while fake bags use materials that obviously look and feel cheaper.

3) Uneven Stitching

Checking the quality of the stitching is also one of the authentication basics you need to remember. Luxury bags have perfect stitching because they're handmade by the best artisans in high fashion. They have high attention to detail and strict quality standards, so they wouldn't miss the slightest uneven stitching. 


Check the photo above, and notice that the stitching on the left (fake) has a little tearing. This detail also gives away the cheap materials they used on the bag because the stitching has caused bumps. The one on the right (real) offers flawless stitching that their premium materials can handle.

4) Cheap Lining

The lining also gives away if a bag is authentic or fake. Some designer bags have a raw lining to show off the quality of the leather - it's not hidden or painted, unlike some that use synthetic leather.


Look at the picture above and see the quality of the leather. The edges show the fine strands of the material, and it's not painted or hidden. 

5) Hollow Hardware

Checking the hardware is another authentication process you shouldn't miss in inspecting a handbag. Luxury brands use only the best kinds of metal for the hardware of their bags because details like this also come with the hefty price tag on the bag.


The hardware of fake bags usually has light and hollow hardware, as if they're made with cheap metal or worse, plastic. It's also a bad sign if the hardware is chipping off like the one on the left. The hardware on the right (real) still looks flawless.

The hardware should also be consistent unless you got a bag with various hardware designs. If the clasps are gold, they should be the same with the zippers, buckles, feet, and more. The zippers should also work smoothly and slide without any bumps or stops.

6) Poor Logo and Inside Label

Inspecting the quality of the logo is also what authentication experts advise. Looking inside the bag should give you more signs of the bag's authenticity. If the logo and the label attached inside look off, that is most likely a fake bag.


Notice on the picture how the label of the one on the right (fake) is slightly tilted, compared to the label on the left (authentic). This wouldn't have passed the quality control of luxury brands.

How to Avoid Counterfeit Luxury Handbags

The authentication process might entail a more meticulous inspection, but experts usually figure it out in seconds. Avoid ending up with counterfeit handbags by verifying the authentication card and buying from trusted sellers only. You can also have a reliable authentication center to verify your handbags.

1) Verify Authentication Card

Verifying the authentication card is also a way to protect yourself from fake bags. However, stay vigilant because not all bags come with authenticity cards, such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

2) Seek Services from a Professional Authenticator

If you're having a hard time figuring out if a bag is authentic or not, seek the help of professional authentication services. An authentication facility has experts and the right equipment to inspect handbags. They may usually give the verdict in about 1 to 3 business days.

3) Buy from Trusted Resellers

The best way to avoid counterfeit handbags is to buy only from trusted stores. Ensure that the luxury resale market you visit only provides legitimate bags. Their pieces might be more expensive than questionable stores, but they guarantee authenticity.

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Manufacturers of counterfeit handbags are getting more and more precise in copying legitimate pieces down to the smallest detail, making handbag authentication more challenging. Nonetheless, there are still a few signs such as those mentioned that may help you figure out if a bag is fake or not. While you're still looking for the right bag, it's advisable to purchase only from trusted stores and resellers.

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