How to Tell If a Valentino Bag Is Authentic

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Like many luxury designer brands, Valentino has its fair share of counterfeit products. In the past, fake bags were easy to spot due to their poor quality in comparison to the real thing. But now that manufacturers have learned to replicate designer bags much more accurately, it’s becoming harder for everyday people to tell the difference.

So how can you tell if a Valentino bag is authentic? Fortunately, there are still some small, significant details that can separate a real Valentino bag from a fake one. Here are the signs of authenticity you should catch.  

Check for Signs of Authenticity

Some signs you should look out for include the authenticity card, symmetrical rivets, stitching quality, and custom zippers, among others. These are key to making sure that your purchase is authentic and that you don’t get scammed. 

1) Authenticity Card

Every Valentino bag sold by an official retailer or purchased through Valentino’s website has a special security or authenticity tag, as well as a separate authenticity card. Check if the serial number on the tag matches the one on the authenticity card. You can also check the product code and match it with Valentino’s online boutique to verify if it matches the handbag design.

2) Symmetrical Rivets

The Valentino Rockstud style consists of studded metal attached to the bag. The rivets used in the iconic studded design can help you determine if the bag is an authentic Valentino. Each rivet should be pyramid-shaped and have equal distance from other rivets. The rivets should also be aligned with the stitching. So if the stitching forms a diamond quilting pattern on the bag, each rivet should sit perfectly on top of the intersecting stitches.

All rivets must also be fully attached to the leather. If you find gaps underneath the rivets when you move the bag, this is a sign of poor craftsmanship that Valentino wouldn’t do.

While looking at the rivets, check for the quality of the metal. Valentino studs aren’t plated and do not tarnish. On the other hand, replicas can either look tarnished or have a cheap shine.

3) Stitching Quality

Valentino bags can fetch thousands of dollars, so poor quality in the smallest details like stitching are unacceptable. Take a look at the stitches around the bag and make sure they are consistent, equally sized, and not a stitch out of place. If you see loose threads, uneven stitches, or double stitches along the edges or around the logo, this is a sign of substandard craftsmanship from fake handbag manufacturers.  

4) Custom Zipper

The hardware in authentic Valentino bags is made with quality metals, so it should feel heavier and harder than the zippers and straps of an everyday handbag. Authentic Valentino bags also have a crisp “V” logo engraved onto their zippers, which are customized by Lampo. There should also be a smooth zipper pull.

Valentino doesn’t use generic Lampo zippers, so seeing Lampo’s logo on the zipper may be a sign it’s fake. Check also for the shine on the zipper.

Hire a Designer Authentication Service

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If you’re unsure about your ability to spot the smallest details, it’s a good option to hire a professional authentication service. They can verify if the Valentino bag is authentic based on the photos or a link to the seller’s listing.

You can have this done before you buy the bag or put in an offer. It can take up to two days for most services to confirm, though some services charge a rush fee for a faster turnaround time.  

Buy from a Trusted Designer Luxury Goods Seller

Although it’s best to know what to look out for when shopping for new and pre-owned designer goods, you can avoid having to authenticate a bag by shopping from a trusted source. Your best bet for authentic Valentino handbags are to buy from an authorized dealer or through Valentino’s official online boutique.

But if you want to buy a pre-owned bag to avoid the retail prices or you’re looking to buy vintage models that are no longer in stores, you’ll have to find trustworthy sellers online. There are many sellers advertising for handbags, but a few key features a reputable seller has include:

  • Has been operating for many years
  • Has reviews and recommendations from users
  • Has a large following of loyal clients
  • Has a money-back authenticity guarantee and fair return policy

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With many counterfeit products in the market, it’s best to know the details that can help you authenticate a Valentino bag. Considering that both new and pre-owned Valentino handbags can fetch a high price, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. To stay on the safe side, make sure you’re buying from a reliable designer handbag seller.

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