Shopping Guide to Luxury Handbags

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Deciding to buy your first (or next) designer handbag must be an exciting declaration anyone could make. The luxury bags you only see on personalities may finally sit on your shelf, waiting for you to hook them on your arm. However, it's not an isolated case when someone buys a bag that follows the current trends only to end up with an item they end up unhappy with. This designer handbag buying guide will save you from that tragic fate.

So how should you buy luxury bags? First, you must define the budget you're willing to put in for a new designer handbag and ask yourself why you want a new bag. Once you've figured this out, it'll be easy to do the next step, which is to choose a brand and model. Consider carefully the size, care needed, and the occasions on which you'll use your luxury bag.

Guide to Buying Your Luxury Handbag

Buying luxury designer handbags may be exciting, but if you're someone who couldn't splurge with luxury items whenever they please and would need to make every purchase worth it, this guide may help. Consider your budget and set your eyes on a brand. Meet your wants with your needs by considering what bag model you will use it for. Always choose quality over quantity, and get luxury handbags only from trusted sellers.

1) Consider Your Budget

Ever fell in love with a luxury handbag you just saw, only to realize how much you hate it after spending a lot? There's nothing wrong with committing to a designer handbag at first sight as long as it doesn't end up sour.

Plan your resources carefully to avoid regrets. Establish your budget based on why you're buying a designer handbag. Are you looking for a bag that will last for a long time and will earn you the respect of those around you, or are you planning on selling it again on the resale market at a higher price?

A handbag produced by a prestigious fashion brand no longer becomes your average bag–it becomes an investment piece. This luxury handbag not only retains its retail price but may sometimes exceed it. Some consumers purchase many luxury designer handbags as collections and passion investments. Examples of these brands are Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

If you’re planning to buy a luxury handbag from these brands, add more to your budget and think of the bag as an investment. But if you're only looking for a just-as-luxurious brand that's stylish and may last a lifetime with proper care, you can be more flexible on computing your budget.

2) Choosing the Brand

Now that you've already defined your budget, you should next set your eyes on a luxury brand. Each fashion house has its own signature style and price bracket. You've already ticked the budget aspect of choosing the brand. 

The next is to select the style you're going for because even the brand adds to the image you plan to go for. There are many reliable luxury handbag brands to choose from, but we'll just talk about some of the biggest brands for now: Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior.


Known for creating iconic handbags that shaped the fashion industry, Chanel is a brand to consider when you're looking for an investment piece. Some of their popular pieces are the Chanel Flap bags and Boy bags.

Karl Lagerfeld, their creative director, has earned the respect of fashion industries because of the bags they designed for Fenty and Chanel. One of these is the update to the Gabrielle Chanel flap bag, which is the Chanel 2.55. This bag truly promises a classic style that will gracefully age into a vintage piece.


Alongside Chanel and Louis Vuitton, this French fashion house is one of the big 3 brands that maintains its value through the years and may sometimes exceed it. Bags from Hermès are great investments, such as the Hermès Birkin bag, inspired by the English actress Jane Birkin. The Hermès Kelly bag, renamed after the Hollywood-actress-turned-Princess-of-Monaco Grace Kelly, is also a classic piece worth your investment.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has created iconic bags with its popular monogram. Luxury shopping will not be complete without this brand. Some of the pieces you may like are the Louis Vuitton Alma and the Louis Vuitton Speedy.

Yves Saint Laurent

If you're looking for another game-changing brand, Yves Saint Laurent is one of the brands to consider. This luxury apparel is one of the brands that started putting masculine designs for women on the praises of fashion critics. 

It has made trousers and suits on women the new stylish and sensual. For their bags, the Yves Saint Laurent Sunset is worth checking out–this crossbody bag easily became one of the "it" bags because of its sleek and elegant design.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is one of the brands fit for royalty–Princess Diana loved their bags, especially the Chouchou bag, now called Lady Dior. Aside from their stunning clothes, their bags are also worth every penny. 

The Dior Saddle Bag is also a stylish bag that should be included in your wardrobe. If it looks too familiar, maybe it's because you've seen it in the TV show, Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw, a character known for her fashionable outfits, wore this bag.

3) Choose a Model

Define the reason for purchasing a luxury handbag. Will you make it your everyday bag or only a purse for special occasions? Will this luxury item be an addition to your collection? When choosing a model, consider the size you want and the occasion you'll use it. Research about bag care, too.


It might be a luxury bag, but it's still a bag–you'll put your stuff in it. The size is one of the most important things to consider because you want to ensure the bag will still be put to good use when needed. 

Ideally, your bag should hold all the stuff you need. Would you need a tiny purse that will fit only your makeup and other essentials when going to formal events or a reliable tote bag that can carry your stuff when going to the office?


Concerning its size, the model you choose should also be suitable for the occasion you plan to use your bag. For formal functions, you may need sparkly purses to go with your gown or outfit. Medium-sized or large-sized tote bags would be suitable as an everyday bag.

Care Requirements

Luxury bags are a commitment–they also have their dos and don’ts about their proper care. This concerns the time you may spend caring for and cleaning your designer bag. You should also think about your lifestyle and the environment when choosing your bag model. 

If you need a sturdier bag, you might need to steer clear of luxury bags made with easily scratched material.

4) Quality Over Quantity

It might be easy to get swayed on more affordable options to buy more bags that will fit your budget. However, are those bags the ones you want? Choose quality over quantity when planning to purchase your luxury handbag. 

5) Know Where to Buy

Those purchasing their first-ever luxury handbag may check out authentic pieces in the secondary market. Choosing pre-owned luxury handbags from the resale market not only gives you good quality pieces at a more affordable price - it's also a big help for the environment as you're leaning towards sustainability.

However, you must be careful and shop only from trusted stores. Just as it's getting more difficult to get your hands on the best luxury handbags, counterfeit pieces are becoming more rampant, even in the secondary market. 

It's the same case for those planning to buy brand new bags - shop from trusted resellers only to avoid counterfeit pieces. You may also purchase from authorized department stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Harrods.

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Purchasing your next luxury handbag may indeed be exciting. On the other hand, some prospective buyers also have that slight but pleasant jitters when choosing a luxury handbag - not only in terms of aesthetic but also of investment returns and life span. The key is to research and weigh your options with this shopping guide.

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