Best Luxury Handbags That Will Fit Your Laptop

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We often see designer bags worn by celebrities and other personalities. These items look stylish and elegant on our favorite influencers, as always, but are they reliable for keeping all your daily essentials, especially your laptop? Not many of those wearing luxury handbags we see on TV and social media use it for going to the office - some consumers are still not convinced if they can use luxury bags for an everyday bag.

So what are the luxury handbags that can fit your laptop? Luxury handbags that can fit your device include the Givenchy Antigona Tote Bag, Gucci Double G Tote, and Bottega Veneta Medium Arco Tote. You may also consider the Celine Mini Luggage Handbag, Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Tote, and the Longchamp Large Le Pliage. 

Things to Consider in Buying a Luxury Laptop Bag

You may think it's love at first sight with the designer handbag you've seen, but is it what you need if you're looking for one that can hold your stuff, including your laptop? If the luxury bag in question is big and sturdy enough to fit your device and other stuff, comfortable to carry with reliable shoulder straps, and convenient to use with all the needed pockets, then you're in luck. Maybe it will be your next go-to bag for keeping everyday essentials.

1) Size

Luxury handbags come in different sizes. When choosing a reliable one that can fit your laptop, the first thing you need to check is the size - is it big enough to hold your gadget? Measure your device to know the size of the designer bag you need.

If you have a 13-inch laptop, a classic tote bag in medium size will be enough to keep it. Those with laptops larger than that, such as a 15-inch laptop, may need to consider a bulkier one. Find a bag with enough space to hold not only your laptop but also your extra items.

2) Sturdiness

Laptops aren't light--a flimsy luxury bag wouldn't be efficient enough in holding your heavy stuff because your laptop might leave an unflattering shape on it, hastening the tear and wear. Check the bag if it's sturdy enough to maintain its shape even if you've placed your laptop inside.

Some designer tote bags may fit your laptop, but their shape isn’t as solid as others. You may want to look into designer work bags or laptop tote bags with a structured design and more reliable interior.

3) Comfort

Style and convenience shouldn’t be at the expense of comfort - you also need to ensure that your laptop tote bag doesn't hurt your body when you wear it, complete with your laptop and extra items. It's a good sign if its shoulder straps don't feel too hard on the shoulders.

Bags with an adjustable shoulder strap will also help make your designer work bags more comfortable. Some items also have a detachable shoulder strap, so you have the option to carry the bag like a briefcase.

4) Convenience

Another factor to remember about selecting your luxury laptop bag is its convenience. As far as the needs of the consumers are concerned, those who look for laptop tote bags usually use them as they go to the office--that means they need more room for their other essential items. 

Laptop tote bags with multiple internal zip pockets will be convenient for all your stuff. Choosing one with a dedicated compartment to help you keep your device in place.

Luxury Handbag Choices for Your Laptop

woman holding laptop leather bagBuying your work bag from luxury bags is a great choice for longevity and establishing a status symbol. Elegance meets functionality with designer laptop tote bags, such as the Givenchy Antigona Tote Bag, Gucci Double G Tote, and Bottega Veneta Medium Arco Tote. Other luxury handbags that will fit your laptop are the Celine Mini Luggage Handbag, Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Tote, and the Longchamp Large Le Pliage.

1) Givenchy Antigona Tote Bag Smooth Leather

Those who prefer neutral colors might want to check out the Givenchy Antigona Tote Bag. This zip tote can is spacious enough to hold your stuff--it can fit in an A4 notebook, a 13-inch laptop, and added room for other items. From the office to dinner dates, this bag is enough in giving you a look of sophistication because of its timeless design. It has a slouch shape that's more spacious than it looks at first. 

2) Gucci Double G Tote

No one truly ever goes wrong with black, as the Gucci Double G Tote gives you a sleek and elegant look. It has a timeless design because of its vintage design with nods of Italian aesthetic. This is a perfect go-to tote bag for those wanting to balance work and social life.

It's also made in Italy with calfskin leather in black, a perfect contrast to its gold Double G logo. It's a plus for convenience because of its zipped pouch that will help wearers stay organized and protect the bag interior from possible leaks. This work tote fits a 13-inch laptop style just fine.

3) Bottega Veneta Medium Arco Tote

Bottega Veneta never fails to surprise as this everyday essentials laptop tote bag comes with a sophisticated design. This oversized tote also has the same intrecciato weave that carries the brand's signature look. It's not only suitable for your work, but also your weekend getaway.

It's available in a range of colors, such as nude, orange, and dark grape. Like the others, it can fit a 13-inch laptop style well.

4) Celine Mini Luggage Handbag

The Celine Mini Luggage Handbag is also the ideal size for keeping all your valuables safe in style with its clean lines and structured design. This luggage handbag will fit your laptop and more of your essentials, surprising you with ample space. If you want to go for a business casual look, this tote bag will give you the desired outfit with its Parisian vibes.

The Celine Mini Luggage Handbag is available in colors gray and dune. It has enough space for a 13-inch laptop style of the device.

5) Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Tote

For those looking for a laptop tote bag fit for royalty but offers a more minimalist design, the Cuyana Classic Structured Leather is one to check out. From the brand that's preferred by Meghan Markle, this bag offers you enough storage space to fit your stuff both for office and late-night functions. It's also pretty versatile that you may also use it for going to the gym or the grocery.

This bag, which comes in colors black, burgundy, caramel, and more, fits even a 15-inch laptop style device--the ideal size for those who want to keep everything on the go. It comes with zipper closure to keep all your valuables safe.

6) Longchamp Large Le Pliage

Longchamp must be one of the most popular bags many people rely on for work due to its storage space, practicality, sturdiness, and style, as it comes in a variety of colors. It's also a perfect all-around bag with its origami-like style, which allows you to fold the bag and pack it down. This is also perfect for traveling.

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From bags with a minimalist design to those with pops of color, there are a variety of options to choose from for a luxury bag that can fit your laptop inside. Since this is a work bag, you should choose one that promises quality, longevity, and style that will command respect from those around you - both aspects fitting with luxury work bags.

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