What Kind of Hardware Do Luxury Handbags Have?

clutch bag with gold hardwareAside from its delicate stitching and rare leather make, luxury handbags are expensive and stylish because of their hardware. The hardware adds drama and detail to the premium leather that makes a handbag look the way it does. Since it's a luxury handbag, you may expect that the hardware these fashion houses use is also of high-class quality.

So what kind of hardware do luxury handbags have? Renowned fashion brands usually use gold and reinforce it with different alloys to give off varying looks: shiny gold, pale gold, matte gold, antique gold, and more. Other types of hardware also include ruthenium, silver, and palladium. They also mix up premium metals and materials to make rare hardware: blackened ruthenium, iridescent, and rose gold.

Types of Luxury Handbag Hardware

Handbag hardware is just as important as the type of leather used in a designer bag. Luxury brands such as Chanel and Hermès usually have classic and rare hardware designs. Here are the types of hardware the biggest fashion brands use to embellish their luxury handbags:

1) Classic

Most luxury bags have metal hardware with gold and silver or palladium plating. If you're having a hard time choosing the right luxury bag hardware, it might help matching the tone with the jewelry you usually wear. Check these colors out:

a) Shiny Gold

Shiny gold hardware is one of the most popular hardware classic luxury handbags. They may come in 18-karat or 24-karat gold plating. Bags with gold hardware exudes the utmost elegance, such as some Chanel Boy bag pieces and Louis Vuitton Twist bags. For Chanel bags manufactured before 2008, the brand often used 24-karat gold-plated hardware, which gives the purse a richer tone. Hermès also uses this hardware for their famous bags.

b) Pale Gold

Those who want more subtle yet elegant hardware might find bags with pale gold hardware attractive. Pale gold just looks like the shiny gold hardware, only with a lighter shade. Imagine the color of champagne on a leather handbag, like the Chanel Timeless Medium. 

c) Matte Gold

For a more toned-down and modern look on gold hardware, matte or brushed gold is also one of the types of hardware that luxury bags have. These types of hardware have a softer gleam and less shine. This hardware is usually paired with pastel colors, such as light blue, pink, and green to offer a more feminine vibe.

d) Antique Gold

You may frequently see this hardware on Chanel Boy bags. Those who are into rustic or bohemian designs might be interested in luxury bags with antique gold hardware. This type of metal hardware has a brassier tone. It also has a slight patina that gives off an elegant vintage look especially that of an expensive handbag.

e) Shiny Silver

Luxury brands also use shiny silver as handbag hardware, perfect for those who use silver more frequently than gold for their outfit. Metal chains with shiny silver offer a cooler and more laid-back hue, which is perfect to pair with an exotic bright outfit, classic tweeds, or jewel tones. Silver hardware is pretty common among many luxury bag brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and more.

e) Ruthenium

If gold has antique gold hardware for vintage looks, silver has ruthenium. This type of silver gives a more Nordic or distressed look to a luxury bag. Ruthenium also exudes a more distressed vibe and subtle gunmetal. This hardware is also used on Chanel Boy bags. It will also look elegant on bags with patent leather.

g) Palladium

Palladium hardware is one of the classic hardware fixtures used for Hermès Birkin bags. While it looks like silver hardware, it's actually platinum. This type of hardware offers a more muted appearance, which serves as an ideal contrast for bright-colored bags.

2) Rare

Luxury brands do not shy away from using precious metals and alloys as hardware fixtures for their bags. These fashion houses also have rare hardware, such as blackened ruthenium and iridescent. They also use rose gold to execute different styles and looks.

a) Blackened Ruthenium

Luxury brands such as Chanel and Hermès released an all-black line that used black metal hardware and black leather. It may be seen on Lady Dior Ultra Matte, Yves Saint Laurent Black Cross Body, and more.

b) Iridescent

This hardware gives off a more holographic look. It might also look like an oil slick or that of a glossy rainbow with its multi-color. Chanel released this rare hardware for their Boy bags, and young luxury bag collectors like Kylie Jenner fell in love immediately. The brand sprinkled this extra shimmer not only on the hardware but also on the leather itself.

c) Rose Gold

For a more feminine vibe, luxury brands also reinforce their bags' hardware with rose gold. This type of hardware offers a pinker hue. Rose gold is becoming one of the biggest bag trends in high fashion with its chic look. Gold is often mixed with copper to give a slight rosy tint to it.

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