Why Women Love Luxury Handbags

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Some say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but luxury handbags can be a close second. Most women dream of owning at least one designer luxury handbag and allot a good chunk of their closets just for their purses and carryalls. While the appeal of luxury bags mostly comes from the name of their designers, there are a few other things that draw people towards them.

So why do women love luxury handbags? Branded luxury designer handbags are loved by women because they're sturdy enough to last a lifetime, and they can retain or even exceed their price. Their designs and quality are works of art and never go out of style. Women also love rewarding themselves with these priceless bags because of their exclusivity, which automatically gives the wearer a higher status than the other people around them.

Reasons Why Women Love Luxury Handbags 

Highly-trained artisans in the handbag industry make designer bags with quality materials, making them durable enough to last for a long time. Women, especially socialites, consider their collection of expensive luxury handbags an investment due to their elusiveness, appreciating value, and timeless look. An average woman will be the center of attraction with a Louis Vuitton bag.

1) Lasts A Lifetime 

Even women who aren’t part of any upper-class social circle understand the merits of a designer handbag compared to non-luxury goods. Those who use common handbags, especially the pieces from fast fashion stores, report replacing their bags and buying another sooner than intended. Owners note how these bags may be affordable and trendy, but they can wear and tear easily. It might be because they’re made with cheap materials.

Expensive handbags are made with premium materials, which is why they can last for a long time. Even if you use them frequently, they can look brand new after a few years - they’re sturdy enough to pass off as an heirloom to your children or grandchildren. Some bag owners find luxury handbags worthy purchases when they compute their expenses in buying bags at cheap prices to buying expensive handbags that last for many years.

2) Retains and Exceeds Value 

You may have seen some socialites and influencers display their famous designer handbags and consider them as investments. They aren't wrong because the price of a luxury handbag tends to appreciate by thousands of dollars after several years. Unlike other properties and expensive products whose value decreases in the market after you’ve purchased them, luxury handbags will still be valuable even if they're just sitting on your shelf.

Designer products can become more valuable than their retail price when they turn vintage. Considering the quality of products crafted by these luxury brands, your designer handbag can last long enough to become vintage.

Some owners would consider luxury designer handbags as heirlooms to their children, aside from land property, jewelry, and others. Not only will these bags remain functional, but they’ll also cost a fortune in the future.

3) Stylish

Their timeless style is one of the reasons women love handbags from designer brands. Their difference from other bags are their uniqueness and design that never goes out of style. Some bags can look trendy but wouldn't be as stylish after some time. Luxury items on the other hand are head-turners without looking too tacky.

Some women even note that wearing luxury items, such as designer bags, still makes them look decent and respectable even if they're only wearing simple clothes. Having their luxury bags as investments goes a long way when it comes to leveling up their style.

4) Work of Art

Luxury handbags are expensive not only due to their function but also because they are works of art. Expert artisans create these valuable items with their aesthetic and artistic quality in mind, aside from their function. 

The artisans working in the biggest fashion houses aren’t just any other craftspeople, too - they’re highly-trained artists who have been in the industry for years. They make handbags by hand, down to their most intricate stitching. The perfect stitches make it possible for these bags to last a lifetime. 

5) Exclusivity

Even those with money couldn't always walk up to a store and get a luxury bag. There might be several bags available, but the best ones usually have a long waiting list. One of the reasons why women highly value luxury bags is because of this exclusivity. 

Luxury brands control the production of their bags to make them more limited and valuable in the market. Unlike mass-produced bags, you can’t just find luxury bags anywhere. Owning a luxury bag is just like finding a rare gem.

An example of a highly exclusive luxury bag is an Hermès Birkin Bag. Today, it no longer has a waiting list. Anyone who wants to purchase a Birkin bag needs to spend a fortune or wait to be offered one. They can't choose the size or the color of the bag they're going to get, because the store will choose it for them. Hermès also limits the number of bags a customer can buy every year.

6) Valuable Reward

Buying luxury bags has assumed a benchmark for what it means to be successful. Women usually purchase luxury bags after achieving a milestone and marking a sign of independence. Some professionals would buy a car or a luxury watch, but some will also get a quality handbag as a reward for themselves.

7) Status

Women don't just buy luxury handbags for their use and their value. They also purchase it for the aura it adds to the wearer or their promotion to a higher social status. Even if you're just wearing plain clothes, anyone will think highly of you because of the luxurious bag hanging on your arm.

Popular Luxury Handbag Brands

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The handbag industry has many famous fashion houses to brag about for producing some of the best luxury bags. These names have been known for their exclusive and valuable handbags. Here are some of the most popular luxury handbag brands:

1) Hermès

Hermès started as a famous leather goods store. Now, it produces one of the  luxury handbags that are on most women’s lists - the Birkin bag, named after English-French model Jane Birkin. Hermès bags are donned by the most famous female socialites and celebrities.

2) Chanel

You may have heard about this brand from fashion magazines, celebrities, and socialites. Chanel is easily one of the top 3 popular luxury bags worldwide, as the brand is known for producing stylish and durable accessories. If you're looking for stylish purses perfect for formal functions, this brand is the best to splurge on.

3) Louis Vuitton

Everyone knows about the iconic monogram from Louis Vuitton. This brand has embodied elegance, prestige, and style through the years. Those with a penchant for timeless and instantly recognizable handbags should also invest in an LV bag.

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Women love luxury handbags because they deem them a good investment on many levels. They’re durable and can last a lifetime, and they add a touch of class even to a simple outfit because of its style and exclusivity. They’re also good purchases because they retain and even exceed their retail value.

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