How Can I Know If My Versace Beach Bag Is Authentic?

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Versace is known for its bold prints, sexy style, and fashion-forward designs. Owning any type of authentic Versace bags like a tote or beach bag is a dream for many that care about both quality and style. However, like many luxury designer brands, Versace has many replicas and counterfeits that don’t come close to the quality of the original. There’s a risk of buying a fake if you’re not careful when you’re shopping for Versace beach bags.

But how can you know if your Versace beach bag is authentic? You can do this yourself by knowing the small details to spot that separate authentic bags from fake ones. Otherwise, you can seek the help of Versace’s authentication system or a third-party professional authenticator. Here’s what you should know.

Know the Signs of an Authentic Versace Bag

These days, counterfeit Versace bags can be more difficult to spot. However, if you’re looking for a Versace beach bag, there are some small details you can look for to determine authenticity. These details are difficult to mass-produce, so if you spot an error it can help you determine if a bag is a fake.  

1) Authentication Codes and Certificate of Authenticity

Many counterfeit bags for other designer brands can easily replicate authenticity cards and provide a fake line of numbers to pass off as serial numbers. However, Versace is much more difficult to forge because most of its bags have three separate codes that can help buyers verify authenticity. These codes are the near field communication (NFC) serial number tag, the QR code, and the Certilogo (CLG) code.

You can scan the NFC and QR code with a smartphone, and it can take you to an official website to verify its authenticity. All bags have an NFC tag and QR code. Not all Versace bags have a CLG code, which can be used on Versace’s online authentication system.

This can be difficult for replica manufacturers to forge, since all three codes will have to match the certificate of authenticity, the bag tags, and what’s indicated on the website. Though not all bags have a CLG code, these three can provide buyers with a strong layer of protection against buying fake Versace bags.

On top of these codes, every Versace beach bag comes with a certificate of authenticity. It’s a white paper with black print usually found inside the handbag near the main logo. The quality of the print should be clear and crisp. 

2) Medusa Head Logo

Some Versace bags have the logo that shows Medusa’s head, and there are several variations of the logo. In some bags, it only features Medusa’s head with a circle of meandros (Greek keys) while others have the word “Versace” printed or embossed under the head.

There are some key features to look out for. For instance, some lower-quality replicas feature Medusa’s head to feature snakes. The luxury brand’s Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace chose Medusa’s head to be the logo of his fashion house as a nod to Greek mythology as part of his childhood, but the logo he designed back in 1992 doesn’t feature snakes. Since then, it hasn’t made any drastic changes.

Aside from the Medusa head, take a look at the “Versace” line underneath it. The Versace logo isn’t symmetrical, so some lines should be thicker than others. For example, the left line of the “V” should be thicker than the one on the right. Compare the font of the original logo you can find online and match it with the logo seen on the bag.  

3) Production Stickers

Every Versace handbag comes with two production stickers. One sticker will say that the bag was produced or manufactured in Italy, while the other will indicate the country of sale. If it’s sold in the United States, it should have “US” on it. Check the quality of these stickers to ensure there are no smears or misspellings.

4) Quality Hardware

Versace bags often come with plenty of metal hardware and design. It uses high-quality precious metals, so expect these original fittings to be heavier than the usual handbag with a normal shine.

There are no seams in Versace hardware, unlike replicas that have visible lines where the metal was welded. None of the hardware like zippers should be made out of plastic, including the inner zippers. The hardware color and shape should be consistent throughout the bag and should be secure. Not all metal hardware is engraved, but those that do are engraved with crisp and legible lines and aren’t stamped or printed.

Use Versace’s Online Authentication System

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Unlike many other luxury brands, Versace has an online authentication system where you can verify if the bag you have is authentic. Your bag should have an NFC tag that you can tap with your phone to verify its authenticity. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code on the product label to get steps on how to verify your Versace bag.

If your Versace bag has a CLG code, you can go to their Certilogo page to check the authenticity and register your code.  

Use a Designer Authentication Service

If you have an older bag that doesn’t have the digital methods to verify its authenticity, you can opt to pay a professional authenticator to verify the bag before you buy it. You can find plenty of legitimate designer authentication services online that can verify a bag’s authenticity based on the photos and links to its listing page.

Turnaround time for verification can vary between services. Some authenticators can take up to two days to verify, while others charge additional fees for a faster turnaround time. However, some sellers can provide a certificate or written statement from an authentication service which you can then verify.  

Buy Your Bag from a Trusted Source

If you’ve purchased your bag from a Versace boutique, its online store, or any authorized retailer, your bag is definitely the real deal. But if you want to purchase a more affordable pre-owned bag or are looking for an older model no longer sold in stores, you’ll have to look for online sellers. This can come with some risks.

To avoid buying counterfeit bags, your best option is to buy from trusted sources. These are the online stores that have established large followings and have guarantees on selling 100% authentic bags. They have security measures in their process to help ensure that both them and their customers are protected against buying and selling replicas.  

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Owning an authentic Versace tote bag promises both style and quality. But because of its high price tag, you’ll want to make sure that the bag you’re planning to buy is real. If you can spot the signs of an authentic bag, you can avoid falling victim to counterfeit versions. But if you’re not sure about your eye for detail, having a professional to do it for you or limiting your search to reliable sources can help you purchase the real deal.

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