How To Clean The Inside of Luxury Handbags

woman cleaning her luxury bagLuxury handbags aren’t your typical bags--they're investments and status symbols. Aside from its beautiful design and brand recognition, the price of a designer handbag may retain and sometimes exceed their retail price. However, depreciation from age, wear, and tear will be their #1 enemy once they sell it again. Their first line of defense? Following the cardinal rules of bag care.

So how should you clean the inside of your designer handbag? You must first remove all the contents in your bag and be mindful of the stuff that might leak or leave stains. Pull out the lining and dab it carefully with alcohol-free baby wipes or a damp cloth soaked in soapy water. For stubborn stains, rubbing it lightly with a cotton swab soaked with soapy water or the right stain remover will restore the pristine condition of your bag interior.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Luxury Handbag

Some bags, especially leather bags, may look stylish on the outside but a complete mess inside. Preserve the condition of your leather handbag and clean its interior by emptying it, wiping the lining with a soft cloth soaked in a mix of warm water and liquid soap. These should remove some of the stains too, but you may also use the right stain remover.

1) Empty Your Bag

Remove all the contents of your leather handbag and organize your stuff. It will be difficult, if not impossible to commence your cleaning process if your things are in the way. Throw away all the tiny pieces of trash you may have kept in your pockets or anything you wouldn't use again.

Don't leave anything behind—remove all the dust that has collected in the corners of your luxury handbag interior. Ensure that you have emptied all your bag's contents down to the last debris. To remove all the dust, turn your handbag upside-down and shake it. You may also use a lint roller to remove stubborn debris, but make sure to check if the material isn’t too sensitive - you wouldn’t want tiny bits of it coming off.

While you're at it, this is the perfect time to reassess the organization of your bag. You may need more pouches to store stuff that is likely to make a mess, such as powders, makeup, lipsticks, and other things.

2) Wipe the Lining with Damp Sponge

If possible, pull out the fabric of your bag's interior to protect the leather. You may notice just now how dirty it is, but wiping it with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water will be enough. Prepare your soapy water by mixing a bit of soap with hot or lukewarm water.

For leather handbags with the same leather lining, continue to wipe it with the same mixture, but be careful in getting it too wet. Make sure to wring your sponge or soft cloth enough because the leather may become brittle once it gets too wet.

3) Address Stains

As you empty your stuff, we bet you had a mini heart attack upon seeing a few stains. Wiping with soapy water may do the trick for common stains, but if it gets too stubborn, you may rub it with a soft brush. 

Seek the help of professional cleaners if the mark still wouldn't come off because they would know the proper cleaning methods. Experimenting with different types of stain removers on your authentic designer handbags may do more harm than good.

a) Makeup stains

To clean foundation stains, wipe them with a dry cloth—the cloth mustn't be wet, or the stain will worsen. If it still wouldn't come off, that's when you'll rub on a damp cotton swab carefully, depending on the material of your bag.

For linings made with polyester or cotton, you may rub a cotton swab soaked in soapy water and rub it in a circular motion. Be generous in changing the cotton so the color wouldn't spread on the bag.

b) Lipstick stains

If the inside of your handbag is made with cotton, lipstick stains should come off if you've rubbed them with a soft cloth dampened with liquid soap and water.

For linings made with nylon, you may drop a dry cleaning solvent on the area. Soak a white cloth with the same solution and press it hard on the actual stain for a few minutes. Repeat this process until the lipstick stains are gone, and carefully rinse off the remaining solution with water.

c) Ink stains

If the ink marks came from your pen, you may use a cotton swab soaked with a few drops of denatured alcohol--be sure not to wet it too much to avoid the bit of stain from spreading. Just dab with the utmost care and use a white microfiber towel or paper towel to blot the ink stains. You may also use a white eraser to try and remove these stains.

If your ink stain has become too stubborn, seek the help of professional cleaners for expert cleaning hacks and stain removal services.

d) Water stains

Rubbing lightly with a cloth dampened with soapy water should do the trick in removing water stains. If it doesn't go off, you may try a white eraser. Seek the help of a professional handbag cleaner if you still can't remove it.

4) Dry the Lining

Dry your handbag's lining, so it wouldn't be too musty. You may use a hairdryer for speedier drying or just set it on a shelf above the radiator. If you think the material is too sensitive to be subjected to extreme heat like sun-drying, blow dryers, or machine dryers, you can use something gentler, like a fan.

When to Seek Professional Help

Clean your bags regularly, but not too frequently that it'll wear off. Prevention is better than cure, so be mindful about the stuff you put in your Louis Vuitton or Chanel tweed bag. When cleaning the inside of your bag, remember to be gentle to avoid any damage. 

Any wear and tear may depreciate your bag's value. It's better to seek a professional leather bag cleaner to do regular services on your purse or if there are any stubborn stains. 

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