How To Start A Luxury Handbag Line

We'll name something better than owning a designer handbag - it's owning your own luxury handbag line. Like many other major decisions you've made in the past, starting your fashion line may be tough and challenging but not impossible. This type of business will put your eye for fashion and wit for business to the test.

So how do you start your own luxury handbag line? You should research the trends and find your sustainable audience to know the most feasible way to start your line. Build your brand's hallmark by focusing on a style or two and create a reliable tech and designs team. Lastly, you have to establish your brand value and market your handbag line.

Tips for Starting A Luxury Handbag Line 

Starting your luxury handbag line may not be a walk in the park, but these tips may help you lessen major risks. Study the most feasible way to open your designer line by researching the trends and getting to know your target audience. Build brand identity by focusing on one handbag style, and create a tech and designs team. From here, you can build your brand value and market your brand.

1) Research Trends

Failing to research the trend evolutions in the fashion industry is almost similar to going to war without surveying the terrain and planning your strategy. Research the trends first before coming up with a plan. This will give you important information about what the people currently want and what designs are going out of style. However, relying heavily on the trends might outdate your handbag collections easily. So what should you do?

Luxury handbag brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Hermès, are some of the biggest fashion houses in the world that have started hundreds of years ago. One of the many reasons they have endured the design business throughout these years is how they have stuck to their signature design. They have created a timeless look, which can only be found in their brand while adding a few new elements as a nod to the trends.

Research trends to give your target audience what they currently find stylish while staying anchored to your signature design.

2) Find Your Audience

When researching the trends, you must determine your target audience and focus on studying their behavior. Understand how their interests change or the evolution of the style they prefer. You can also figure out from here the target price for the luxury handbags you're going to offer with your brand. This will give you amazing ideas for designing your handbag collection and be more acquainted with the changing interests of your target market.

3) Build Brand Value

We mentioned that you must know the trends and the behavior of your target market. These will also be necessary for building your brand's hallmark. Avoid relying heavily on the trends when designing your handbag collection because this will make your creations go out of style quickly. You must only use the trends as a hook for your target market to know your brand and strengthen brand recognition.

The popular handbag brands have all established their hallmark in the fashion industry, gaining strong brand recognition even from those not included in their target market. They have built an impressive prestige. When building your brand value, you must also define your fashion house's unique selling point - what makes you different from all other brands out there?

4) Focus on A Style or Two

By now, you must have some original ideas which can serve as your unique selling point. Design business experts would recommend start-up handbag lines to begin with one or two handbag designs or styles for fewer risks and to easily assess the company's performance. This gives you more leeway to track consumer behavior and work on the quality of your product. 


Each material or animal skin has its characteristics--choosing the right one for the style of bag you will release can be a make-or-break moment for your handbag line. For example, alligator skin is ideal for bags with a structured design because this type of material is difficult and compact, while snakeskin is supple and soft. 


A handbag's hardware gives it its details. It's what makes up a bag's buckles, clasps, zippers, and feet. Brands mostly use gold, platinum, and palladium, which all come in different shades and tones to fit different bag styles.

5) Create Your Tech and Designs Team

After creating prototype patterns for your luxury handbags, you need to gather the best artisans you can find for your products to live up to the ideal quality. The biggest luxury brands in the fashion industry choose only the best artisans to work on their handbags to ensure the utmost quality of each finished product.

Another thing that makes designer handbags a luxury is the amount of labor exerted to produce a single piece - one of the reasons why it's also pretty expensive. Creating luxury handbags isn't a breeze, so allocate enough time for production.

6) Build Prestige

Aside from building up your unique selling point, you must also work on your brand's exclusivity - also one of the marks of luxury in a fashion item. Value quality over quantity and avoid sacrificing the intricacy needed for creating each handbag for the sake of producing more products. 

Your luxury handbags shouldn't be too available. Build a buyer persona that can afford your target price. Competition in the luxury business isn't only about producing many items to earn more; it's about guaranteeing prestige to make each penny worth it. 

7) Market Your Brand

Let your audiences know more about your luxury handbag by marketing your brand. Based on your research about the target market, determine which is the best platform to market your luxury handbag line--it can be in the form of social media, word-of-mouth, events and fashion shows, and traditional media, such as magazines, ads, and more.

For start-up designer lines, it's best to focus on one or two platforms and expand as your business becomes more stable. Visual marketing is an excellent way to market your handbag line. Set up photoshoots at aesthetic locations for your launch.

Share Brand Story

Luxury brands share their brand story with their audiences and how they became part of shaping fashion as we know it. Start-up designer lines can also do the same and post their brand story on their websites. It's also a good idea to introduce valued customers and post their testimonies about your line.

Use Social Media

Most people today are on social media. Marketing your brand within the digital space will reach not only your target audience but also a wide range of consumers. Be clear about your brand identity and tone your posts from there.

You may also explore sending samples to influencers who can live up to your brand and have them post your creations on their social media.

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