How to Tell If a Celine Bag Is Authentic

With many dupes and counterfeit products available on the market, buyers should be vigilant about the designer bags they buy. Take for example buying a new or pre-owned bag from Celine. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re vulnerable to scammers that sell substandard fake Celine bags that don’t have the same quality as the real ones.

But how can you tell if a Celine bag is authentic? The best way to do this is to check the little details, as there are actually many ways to spot a telltale sign of an authentic or replica bag. But if you’re not sure, you can have a professional do the checking for you. Here’s what you need to know before buying a Celine bag.

Check the Details

Counterfeit items have gotten more difficult to spot especially by everyday buyers without a trained eye. That’s why if you’re not sure about the seller, you should examine the bag yourself to be certain. There are still some details in Celine handbags that are difficult to mass produce, and here are some things you should look out for.

1) Date Code

Every Celine bag has an alphanumeric code that indicates the date when the bag was made. This is different from the serial code, which is unique to every product, as some bags regardless of the style can be made on the same date. Search the bag and there should be a leather tab with a code with letters and numbers that follow this pattern: X-XX-####.

The first three letters “X-XX” should indicate the factory code of which factory the bag was made in. The four numbers are when the bag was made: the first and third digit is the week, while the second and fourth digit is the year. If the date lines up with when the bag’s model was made, then it’s most likely the real deal.

2) Brand Logo

A tell-tale sign of authenticity is by looking at the logo on the bag and matching it with the year it was made. One of the most notable changes of Celine’s logo was prior to 2018 when the brand was stylized as Céline, which included a right-pointing accent on the ‘e’. After September 2018, the French accent on the first ‘e’ was removed. This can be a good indicator of an authentic Celine bag.

Another change to spot is the letter ‘n’. The old pre-2018 logo features a straight edge at the points where the diagonal line meets the vertical lines. After the 2018 change, the corners are sharp pointing upwards and downwards.

Take a look at the date code of your bag. If it was made after 2018 and has the updated features, it’s another sign that the bag is authentic. Otherwise, it may be a fake model. Also check the font if it matches the thin lines of the brand.

3) Consistent Stitching

Celine bags have consistent stitch lengths throughout the bag, with all stitches perfectly uniform. Compared to a real Celine bag, fake bags have small stitches that aren’t consistent and can change sizes in different areas. You must look out for loose stitches, excess threads, and double stitches too – these are signs of substandard craftsmanship that aren’t found in authentic Celine bags.

4) Precious Metal Zippers with Numbers

Celine bags use metal zippers made with precious metals which can make it feel weightier compared to plated zippers made with flimsy, cheaper metals. It’s also important to pay attention to the smell of the zippers on the bag: if they smell too rusty or laced with chemicals, they’re most likely fake.

It’s good to note that your zippers should have the same number under the nose. If there is no number or if the zipper has different numbers, there are two possible options: first, it’s a fake, or second, it’s a pre-owned bag that’s an authentic model, but was repaired and replaced with a different zipper. Your seller should disclose this especially if it’s pre-owned.

Don’t forget to take a look at the top zipper of the bag. Real Celine bags have zipper lengths that stop just at the edge of the bag opening. Fake Celine bags, on the other hand, trail over the end of the bag by a few inches.

5) Seamless Hardware

Just like the zipper, the rest of the hardware inside and outside the bag should have the same sturdy quality. For instance, authentic clasps for the shoulder strap consist of one continuous piece of metal. You may notice that a real clasp is heavier than clasps from most everyday bags.

In comparison, fake bags with strap clips have a more visible area where the metal hardware is attached and can loosen with time. Fake hardware is also made with cheap plated metal, so it can feel lighter and get warped more easily.

6) Heat Stamp

All real Celine bags have a heat-stamped logo in its fabric. Heat stamping is the process of using a hot stamp with colored foil and melting it into the fabric of the bag. This gives you a shinier embossed look with clean lines that stand out from the fabric.

In comparison, manufacturers of fake Celine bags keep the costs low by printing on the Celine logo. Rather than standing out from the fabric, the logo tends to blend in with the features of the fabric.  

Hire a Professional Authentication Service

If you’re not sure about your ability to spot a fake Celine bag, you can have a professional do it online. Professional authentication services can use photos of the bag’s details to determine if it’s an authentic bag. For a fee, they can guarantee if the bag is real or not.

It can take several days for them to complete the authentication process for a Celine bag, though you can opt to pay extra for a faster turnaround time. You’ll have to provide the photos or a link to the seller’s page, and then wait for them to check if the bag is real.

Buy from a Reliable Source of Designer Luxury Items

If you want to avoid having to authenticate the bag yourself or pay a professional to do it, you could just be careful about the shops and online stores where you do your online shopping for your Celine handbag.

Obviously, the best place to buy a real Celine bag is in a Celine store. But if you’re looking for an old design or a pre-owned option, you’ll have to find a seller outside of Celine’s stores like resale websites. If you want to be certain that the seller is trustworthy, some of the things to spot include:

  • A store that’s been operating for years
  • Has many reviews and recommendations from users
  • Has an active social media presence
  • Has a large following online
  • Has a money-back authenticity guarantee and fair return policy in case of replicas
  • Inspects consigned goods for authenticity

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