What Makes A Luxury Handbag A Luxury?

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You may have heard of socialites, celebrities, and other personalities raving about luxury bags. Audrey Hepburn owns Louis Vuitton bags, while Nicole Kidman wears Chanel. Of course, who can forget the famous Hermès Birkin bag? Many women dream about owning and parading these types of bags. However, it's not so simple because they cost a fortune.

So what makes these handbags a luxury? Luxury handbags are deemed works of art because of the premium materials they're made with, coupled with the meticulous process of stitching and creating them. Not everyone can buy luxury handbags also because of their exclusivity. Some see these luxury goods as investments because they last a long time, have high resale value, and never go out of style.

Why Designer Handbags are Luxurious

Handbags from the biggest fashion houses in the world are luxurious because they use high-quality materials, which makes the purse last for a long time while still looking extravagant. The prices of these bags tend to retain and sometimes exceed its retail price. They become a great investment not only in terms of aesthetic value but also financially.

1) Famous Fashion House Brand

One of the reasons why designer bags are luxurious is the brand attached to them. Some luxury bags may look like your ordinary purse, especially with a classic design. However, they give off a certain kind of elegance because the best brands in the industry have crafted them. 

The prestige that luxury brands have built through years of excellence adds value to luxury handbags. The public holds these brands with a high regard, which is why owning one of their creations makes people think highly of you as well.

2) Worthy Investment

A piece from luxury handbag brands may be considered a worthy investment. Some people even deem it a better investment than gold or the stock market. The price of other goods tends to depreciate once you purchase and open them, but it's a different story with designer bags. It’s because they tend to retain or even exceed its retail price if you sell it in a secondary market, especially when you buy limited editions.

Aside from purchasing properties and bonds from businesses, some would invest in their luxury bag collection. According to the fashion magazine Marie Claire, a Chanel bag may increase its price only after 6 years by a whopping 70%. Once the bags turn vintage, collectors may choose to sell them again for additional thousands of dollars or just have them sit on the shelf and enjoy them as their value continues to increase.

3) Exclusivity

Luxury products are expensive because of their exclusivity. Not everyone can come up to these stores to buy the best-selling bag that easily. They can’t simply choose the accessories with the most popular styles and go - these bags usually come with a long waiting list before you can purchase one. More than this, luxury brands control the production of their items to preserve their prestige and exclusivity, making them less and less accessible.

Hermès is one of the examples of luxury handbag brands with the utmost exclusivity. Their Birkin bag has been a popular choice, and the subject cosmopolitan women have been talking about. 

The designer item used to have a waiting list, but a luxury consumer now would just wish they're important enough to be offered a Birkin bag by the brand. If they still aren't offered a bag, they should be prepared to spend a lot of money. Hermès also limits the number of bags a customer will buy every year.

Access to luxury brands is getting more limited. If you're lucky, you might find those luxury shoulder bags you have been looking for reputable online shops and trusted resellers.

4) Made of Premium Materials

Most people go out of their way to reward themselves with expensive purses. Even some practical consumers understand the merit of investing in a luxury handbag. These chic accessories are made with the highest-quality materials, such as soft leather, exotic leathers, and more. That’s why they are sturdy enough to last for a long time.

Trendy shoulder bags and other non-luxury goods in fast fashion stores may capture your style, but there's no guarantee on how long they last. Some consumers report replacing and buying another bag too soon because it has already worn out quickly.

Consumers can expect their high-quality products to still look brand new even after many years. It may even serve as valuable heirlooms. Aside from their more expensive price, they remain fully functional. 

Those who are just starting with their bag collection or those not yet ready to invest in an expensive purse can check out affordable designer handbags. The classic styles from Chanel would go a long way. They may also find good handbags and shoulder bags from Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs.

5) Craftsmanship

Reputable luxury brands craft their bags with the utmost precision and technique. These bags are usually handcrafted by the best artisans to achieve a fine level of quality. They ensure perfection down to the smallest stitching and detail. Luxury bags are more expensive because craftsmen devote a lengthy amount of time to produce a single bag, unlike with mass-produced goods.

6) Status Symbol

Bags from famous fashion brands become luxurious because they become status symbols. Those who buy luxury bags enjoy a promotion or reaffirmation of their social status. The public tends to look at them with a level of respect, admiration, and sometimes envy when seen wearing limited-edition bags. That's why some personalities show up with a dazzling diamond purse and other bags during special occasions - it already becomes part of them and their outfit.

7) Work of Art

Luxury bags are considered works of art because these bags are designed by the best fashion designers, aside from the craftsmanship needed in creating them. These talented designers design unique yet timeless and elegant handbag designs. 

The French luxury fashion house names known for setting the trend are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. They’re known to design accents on luxury handbags with the utmost precision and aesthetics.

Signs of A Counterfeit Handbag

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Just as luxurious handbags are becoming more exclusive, counterfeit dupes are everywhere in the black market. They look the same as the authentic pieces because the manufacturers develop better attention to detail. How can you tell if a handbag is counterfeit or not?

1) Low Price

If the price is too good to be true, it most definitely is. Manufacturers know that more people will purchase faux luxury bags because they cost less but look the same. You may think it's a steal, but you're getting ripped off because they use cheap materials to make these pieces.

2) Poor Hardware

Inspect the bag's hardware. If it feels hollow, creates dents, and scratches easily, the bag is most likely fake. Another telltale sign is the poor quality and imitation of the brand logos.

3) Poor Leather

Luxury brands use the best and rarest types of leather. A fake luxury bag should have poor, solid material that feels like synthetic leather. Authentic leather will have rough edges and an imperfect pattern.

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